Rolls Royce: The Finished Product

It’s funny how these models sometimes fight you all the way to completion.  This was one of those models.  I built one body only to find out how many mistakes I made and started over.  I must have made 7 turrets before I found a design I was happy with.  The paint is close but not exact.  In real life, this model looks pretty good.  Up close, it looks still a little rough.  I am happy with the $3 investment for as many of these vehicles as I can build.  I will be building two more for the 11th Hussars.  No Caunter scheme.  Just desert yellow.

Looking a little rough up close. One thing I will do is line wheels with a dark gray pen from now on.

Looks better from the rear but the black on the wheels really shows, errors and all

Overhead view showing off the Bren MG and Boys ATR.

3 Responses to Rolls Royce: The Finished Product

  1. Prufrock says:

    Looks good, John! How long does it take you to build one?

  2. acarhj says:

    Normally about 4-5 hours. This was a difficult model and with the custom turret, nothing was fast. I’ve probably invested about 8-10 hours in this model. I will probably build the other 2 side by side. I suspect about 6 hours.

  3. Prufrock says:

    That’s a labor of love then, for sure!

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