Changes. Changes. Changes.

November 20, 2008

Tonight we have some new rules for Ancients D6. 

Skirmishers may now evade charging units.  They retreat 1 move +1D3 for infantry or 1 move +1D6 for cavalry.  They become disrupted at the end of their move.

Units may pursue evading skirmishers.  In some cases it is mandatory. 

Cavalry may now break off combat from slower cavalry units or any infantry unit.  This break-off is done similar to the evade.  However the cavalry unit suffers a hit as it retreats.  This hit may cause the unit to route.

There is a new ability, Battle Drill.  It allows an infantry unit to pass through a supporting unit to escape a melee.  The move sequence works just like cavalry break-off but the owning player only rolls a D3 for the variable move.

Commanders now stand a greater chance of being killed randomly.  For each hit a unit with an attached commander suffers the owning player rolls a die.  Each 6 roll causes a results roll. 

It’s all in the main rules.

Two changes to the Punic War army list.  Romans and Macedonians now have extra restrictions on what units can be bought.