Slayer of Brushes? No More!

March 20, 2015

pinksoapI am one of those unfortunate souls who does not know how to keep a paint brush in a healthy shape.  Someone on TMP recommended a certain kind of brush soap and swore it would extend the life of a paint brush for quite a long time.  I don’t remember the brand but could not find it at my local craft store anyway.  What I did find was Pink Soap.  There are no directions but I assumed that it was a simple application to the index finger.  You then can work it gently in to the bristles with your index finger and thumb.  Then rinse the brush and store properly until the next time.   I have to say the results are quite impressive.  I’ve had 4 paint sessions with my latest set of brushes and there is no sign of wear what so ever.  Normally, I would have destroyed at least one brush by the 4th session.  The bristles have maintained their color without a trace of pigment.  I’d highly recommend brush soap to anyone who paints, anything (miniatures, pictures, ceramics whatever).  A little bit goes a long way.

Napoleonic Serendipity

March 17, 2015

While reviewing my collection I found that my Chasseurs a Cheval did not have a standard bearer.  They did have a musician and an officer.  I guess he had gone AWoL sometime over the past 35 years or so.  Quite a bummer as nobody seems to sell single figures in 15mm.

At cold wars a couple of weekends ago, I came across a gent selling some 15mm Napoleonic figures including some Brunswick hussars.  I snapped a few stands up as they are on the menu of items to paint as well as 24 Brunswick light infantry.  I was going to order 24 more but now there is no need.  As I went to rebase them, I discovered I had a couple of extra command figures including 1 standard bearer!  These are Minifigs which are very close to the Chasseurs I have so after a quick paint job, I shall have a standard bearer for that unit.   The extra officer will now be the Duke of Brunswick.  Lucky me!

Now for the tricky part.  I needed two replacements.  I happened to have a few extra Chasseurs.  The only think they needed are tall plumes.  A little green stuff and even my meager sculpting skills have made some decent replacement figures.  I used some very thin florist wire for the skeleton, essentially a straight stick.  I rolled the putty around the stick and cut it to the right size.  I drilled a hole in the hat about where the plume will go and added a tiny amount of putty to be used as cement.  Finally, I pressed down the narrow end to the hole and the wire stick went right in, pressing the putty together.

In all, this segment has been a successful operation.  I will show off the Brunswick legion soon with a few pictures.  Please don’t point out that I purchased the easiest to paint Napoleonic  troops rather than painting them myself.  I am trying to bask in my glory.