On the Horizon

October 19, 2009

I will be posting the latest edition to the rules in the next week or so.  Included are some minor but significant changes.  It’s like being bald but with hair.

  • Behemoth has been broken out into Terror and Behemoth.  They now function more logically.
  • No more extra hits.  It got too confusing.  Now, each stand is rated for the amount of figures it represents.  An elephant, for example, will represent 3 figures.
  • Vehicle rules are a little more concise.  You may get a free turn at the end of each move.  You may not flank march.
  • Units will be able to wheel up to 90 degrees, make a right or left face or about face.  This makes them more consistent with groups.

There are probably other changes too but I can’t think of them. As soon as I do the re-write on the design notes, I will post them.

Army lists will get an overhaul as well.  I have tweaked the points system and have made some changes to the army lists, both in format and content.  Stay tuned.  They will be up in a week or so as well.