It’s Here! Ancients D6 Version 3!

March 20, 2012

New version of Ancients D6 is now online.

  • Updated (slightly) Graphics
  • New Turn sequence with missile fire rolled into movement
  • Streamlined abilities
  • Simplified morale system
  • Rallying now requires you to spend order points to remove damage from units
  • In all, a better flowing game

The Fantasy version will be updated in the next month or so, which means, when I can find time to play test.

Both Version 2 and Version 3 can be found here.


What color should I paint my Goblins?

March 17, 2012

Goblins are green right?  GW and others have asserted this notion over the years to the point of making it cliché.  The original Dungeons and Dragons (First Edition) says they are red, orange or yellow.  According to J.R.R. Tolkien, they are sallow, a sickly yellow.  On TMP, I asked this very question and folks there gave some great answers and even posted some wonderful examples.  The thread can be found here.

Here is the method I came up with.

  1. Clean your figures up as usual (remove flash etc) and prime with black primer.
  2. Use a base color of Bubonic Brown (All of the paints here are GW paint)
  3. Wash the figure with Vomit Brown. (I later used Snake Bite Leather as a wash because the Vomit Brown was too light and orange)
  4. Dry brush the figure with Bubonic Brown again.
  5. Dry brush the figure with Desert Yellow.
  6. Finally lightly dry brush the figure with Bleached Bone.
  7. Add other details as you see fit.

The recipe above is for the skin only.  The black gave the Bubonic Brown a green hue.  It does not look yellow-brown at all.  The desert yellow reinforces the green hue.  The bleached bone brings out the highlight.  If I did it again, I’d skip the Vomit Brown and just do the Snake Bite Leather wash at the end.  The wash ties all the colors together nicely.

Goblin Factory Swordsmen. They paint up nicely. The first item painted was actually the armor. The flesh was second and the fine detail last. Red eye, tongue and white teeth make these figures look pretty sinister. Very LotR.

Goblin Factory Archers. Similar in scheme to the Goblin Swordsmen. These figures had no armor so they were a bit easier to paint and painted up a little faster.

The Goblins are by Goblin Factory.  The web address is here.  I understand he is having web issues.  It is better to order via e-mail at this time.  GF usually attends HMGS East Conventions.

My goal here is to find as many 1/72 scale figures that are suitable for LotR skirmish gaming.  These make fine Orcs/Goblins in LotR.  There are even Goblins on Wargs!  So, the forces of evil are well represented.