Rolls Royce – Not Exactly Luxury

Here are a couple of pictures of my first Rolls Royce Armored Car.  the model is by Der Kampfflieger.  The model came with the original turret.  I had to design my own WW2 style turret.  The ATR was scratch built.  I used a Junior General ATR for the receiver and added a round Plastruct rod for the barrel.  I used a thin strip of paper for the muzzle break.  I will do the same for the Bren.  I do have a few bren guns from Raventhorpe but compared to the ATR, the Bren gun barrels look massive.

Lots of edging still to be done. Won’t take long though.

Yep…filling some where the running board meets the fender. Pretty minor though.

I did have a tough time with the fender assembly.  The way I thought they would be, the boards tapered out…which was wrong.  They should be straight.  I ended up cutting my first attempt away and did it again.  The results were much better.

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