Old School

This page is where I will be putting my old school clones and various game material for games I love.


Chainmail Reforged is my clone of the classic game by TSR. Subject to change!

DF-Like WW2  This is my WW2 combat game adapted from Don Featherstone’s rules for 18th Century combat.  Included are a few vehicles and guns from the Early years of the North African Desert Campaign.

Throw Me a ‘6’  Not exactly old school but a return to simplicity.  Now with a QRS on the last page.  3/3/2016

DF-Like Horse and Musket This is my Napoleonic game adapted from Don Featherstone’s rules for 18th Century combat.  Updated 10/04/2018

Jack’s Rules of War “Old school” style skirmish game with some LotR stats.  10/14/2015

OTR D6 A reworked version of On to Richmond using six sided dice.  Melee and morale have also been reworked.  03/04/2020

Card Models:

Horch Schwerwagon 108 Type 40 (Late Model)

Horch Schwerwagon 108 Type 40 (Late Model)


9 Responses to Old School

  1. Keith says:

    DF-Like WW2 looks interesting. Might be able to give it a try. Looks like the vehicle stats given are for early war France or Desert?

  2. acarhj says:

    Hi Keith,

    Yes, early war right now. It is easy enough to do pretty much any stats though. 1″ per mile per hour for road speed. half that for overland. 1/3 that for trucks and cars overland. Guns generally are eyeballed. But roughly ~25mm penetration is a very light gun. 50mm penetration is a light gun. ~75mm is a medium gun. Etc. Armor protection is done the same way. A panther is a good example. It has 60mm of armor on the hull and 100mm of armor on the turret. The hull is well sloped so that should count for something. So I’d give it heavy armor from the front. Notoriously weak armor from the flank so it is only rated as light. The gun is a medium gun but is a high velocity gun so count it as heavy against tanks and medium against infantry. It also has 2 MGs. 1 in the turret and 1 in the bow.


  3. Interesting. I actually think that this could be good fun for Warhammer 40K (oddly enough), especially given some of that franchise’s WWII inspiration in the more-serious novels.

  4. Steven says:

    Chainmail Reforged seems to be EXACTLY what I was looking for in a CM retroclone. THanks for this!

  5. Clay Stretch says:

    I like your feather stone rules and am sorely tempted to thumb my nose at the hip crowd and collect spencer smith and play at “toy soldiers” since I am now retired from the military. I’m thinking about a dozen units per side, not counting cannon. I grow weary of the “next greatest great thing-that usually is hard bound with photo studio staging”. Dash it all————.

  6. acarhj says:

    Hi Clay,

    I hear ya. Too many rules sets out there have supplement after supplement coming out right behind the initial release. There are very few commercial sets these days that I am truly interested in. Bloody Big Battles is a fabulous 12 page set that is aimed at 19th century warfare in Europe. It’s fire and Fury lite! DBA is another set I will always support. But anymore, I find I can produce a set of rules that suit my needs and time budget as well as taking the strain off my wallet.

    Do let me know if there are any inconsistencies in the latest iteration of DF-Like.


  7. Prufrock says:

    Hi John, just saw you mention these on TMP and realised they were yours. Have downloaded a copy and hope to get a game in over the holiday break. All the best to you! Aaron

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