Happy New Year!

December 31, 2008

Wishing everyone a happy new year for 2009!

I am planning to be more active on the site.  I want to finish up the final minor tweaks to Ancients D6. As well, I am going to build out some early medieval lists for Norman/Saxon/Vikings and perhaps a few continental armies as well.

My big plan is to write and play-test Black Powder Wars.  The rules are basically done but I need to refine a few things such as how the turn sequence is done before I can begin the play-testing.

Finally, I’ll be doing some game reviews.  These reviews will include a battle report of the game complete with annotations on how the rules work.  If the games are not played solo, I’ll invite the other players to give their impressions of the game as well.

Stay tuned!  It all starts in January!