Finally, I have some direction!

July 19, 2020

Since I’ve managed to get a 1-Hour Wargames set of rules I am happy with, I thought I’d get back to printing out some pike and shot figures on my trusty 3D printer.  I am using 12cm bases.  This fits exactly with the rules set Twilight of the Divine Right.  As these use a good many more bases I am going to start by finishing up bases for 1 hour wargames 10 per side.  Then, while painting and playing, I’ll keep the printer running for more miniatures for other battles, including Breitenfeld and Lutzen.

Top to bottom: Swedish brigade, 1500 man Imperial tercio, 2000 man Imperial or Spanish tercio. Also, some 2 sided hit counters reading 1 or 2.

Friday Grab Bag #8 – More Odds and Ends

January 2, 2020

I went to the local hobby shop and was determined to buy  a can of primer knowing very well that it would likely be GW and the cost would be $14.  As it turns out, GW primer has become prohibitively expensive at $19 for a 10oz can!  I remembered a friend of mine was using a primer called Krylon Brite Touch.  It is an automotive primer but can be used on metal or plastic.  The cost is a whopping $3.50 for a 10oz can.  It can be had in the USA at most autoparts stores or even W