More Ancients D6 Goodness

October 23, 2008

I have created a new QRS based on a suggestion from a friend.  Many of the unit advantages are outlined on this card so that you can (hopefully) play the game from the card alone with minimal rule look-ups.

I have also revamped the core rules slightly.  There is no longer a  ‘Throwing Weapons’ advantage.  Instead, close contact missile weapons, such as the pilum, will be lumped into the ‘Charge Bonus’ advantage.  The reason I did this was that I felt that there were too many advantages to remember already and the ‘Throwing Weapons’ advantage added nothing more than another game mechanic to remember.

Black Powder Wars: Combat Modifiers

October 10, 2008

There are certain situational modifiers for combat and morale in Black Powder Wars.

Combat Modifiers

+1 for hight advantage. This is for shooting or close combat.

+1 firing at close (canister) range.

+1 attacking a flank

-2 for firing at long range. Infantry firing with ranged combat always fire at long range.

Morale modifiers

+1 Defending works or in cover

+1 defending heights

+2 defending fortifications

+1 Commander is attached

-1 Out of command radius of a commander

-2 Being attacked from the flank or rear

Remember, failure of a morale check by 1 or 2 results in 1 step loss of morale (ie good order to disorder or disorder to route). A morale check missed by 3 or more results in a two step loss in morale.