“Is this thing on?” Friday Grab Bag #3

With the recent arrival or “Developing the Portable Wargame” I’ve been pondering exactly how to approach the rules.  The game is fairly scale agnostic.  I have all of these wonderful Rapid Fire! campaign books and not enough forces/terrain/table space to run any of them.  Then it occurred to me that I could convert them to the PW.  Each PW unit would equal 1 company in the RF organization.  I thik I will have to add some more terrain boards.  A battalion will be something like 5-6 stands which, on my small board, will just work.  Multiple battalion battlegroups?  Not so much.

My son and I have started our 3rd full Frostgrave game.  I said “full” because our first couple of goes were really rules lite affairs.  We started with just an infantry action from Don Featherstone’s “Skirmish Wargames” book.  This was just to get used to the flow of the game.  Then we added 1 wizard and a few companions to see how the magic went.  Finally we went full on gaming with all the rules and campaign elements.  It’s been a good time so far.  However, my little opponent is sometimes not so focused, especially in the later evening when we have time to play a turn or two.  I guess I should cut him some slack.  He is only 9 after all.

I’ve been shopping on occasion at wargame vault for various terrain bits.  I’ve picked up a few ruins from Microtactix, a paper terrain company that started back around 2000.  Their models still hold up well to the more advanced competition such as Fat Dragon Games, another favorite of mine.  Recently, I’ve been perusing some models from Wargame Print.  I bought a few of their models back when their selection was quite limited.  I am amazed now at how extensive their offerings have become.  I have the Greek Fort, which is sized quite nicely for a DBA BUA in 15mm.  I’ve also picked up the Waterloo style buildings in 6mm.  These are modular buildings so you can add and take away from one structure to make different looking complexes.   This is also a multi-layered PDF so it is possible to change the skins with three different options of walls and another three different options of windows/doors.

Greek Fort (Fromt Wargame Vault Website)

Some example terrain from my Portable Wargame including a building from the 6mm Waterloo Style buildings

This weekend, besides taking the kids to a birthday party and a soccer game, there will be some more Frostgrave.  I also hope to have the other two Rolls Royce Armored Cars done…or at least close.




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