The Truly Portable Wargame Part 2

I had a long stretch of time and energy last night and was able to complete several more trees and another house.  I also drew up some rivers and roads, including intersections and bends.  I printed out a sheet of each.  I am very happy with the results.

The result of a night’s work with some newly configured infantry regiments including one prototype (right front) for comparison.

The last bit I did last night was to rearrange the infantry command stand.  I found that the flag was flying in the wrong direction.  Wherever the commander stood, there would be an open space over his head.  So I changed it so the flag fly behind him.  I then placed him in the middle of the stand.  The regiment looks much better.  Take a close look at the stand to the right front and compare it to the stand next to it.  You will see what I mean.

Left to do: cavalry, light infantry, artillery, bridge, ford, entrenchment

I have a set of grenadiers already placed together.   As I am drawing, I keep the masters white except for the skin color, common parts (muskets, swords, scabbards, pouches etc) and place them in a group front-back so they can be colored quickly.  I keep one single of each to colorized and then simply copy and paste it into position directly over the white models.

5 Responses to The Truly Portable Wargame Part 2

  1. Good progress on your TPW.

  2. Robert Dean says:

    Looks good; will you weight them a little? Seems like they’d be vulnerable to disarray in a slight breeze…

  3. John,
    I may be looking at the wrong unit for comparison, but all of them look good to me. Of course, I’m old, with fading eyesight…

    I’ve been working on a somewhat similar idea, but instead of square tiles, I found some interlocking foam squares at the local Dollar Tree. They seem to be for some sort of 9 x 9 jigsaw puzzle thing for kids, with various pictures to be arranged. The pieces are about 2 1/2 by 2 1/2″. The main drawbacks are they are slightly thicker than the tiles you are using (and hence will require a bit more storage space), and all the edges are jigsaw-y, so the edge of the board will not be very attractive. I may try to slice off the edges on some of them to make an interlocking border. What is left might do as hills. (If it doesn’t work, of course, I’ll have simply ruined some times.) I painted roads and rivers on some, although this will reduce their usefulness over-all. And unlike your squares, I can’t turn them over; the jigsaw pattern runs in only 1 direction.

    Best regards,


  4. acarhj says:

    @Rob: This is definitely an indoor game! I will request that the fans stay on low when we are up in NH! 😉

    @Chris: Are these actual squares with the little stubs to link together or are they irregular squares that are good enough for area movement? I think if you were to mess things up, you could flip the entire puzzle over and start again. Not optimal but at least you would have a second change.

  5. They are actual squares, so they work great for movement. Unlike jigsaw puzzle pieces, beside the shape, is the fact that the edges attach to others not be 1 bulbous shape, but by a regular series of notches across each entire side (which slants to the right, IIRC). This is why I can’t just flip them, but at least I can still repaint them.


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