The Truly Portable Wargame

While fighting off the stomach bug and allergies, I’ve not been completely idle.  I have been slowly building up a paper miniatures layout including a board, terrain and miniatures.  Here is a sample of what I have so far.

The figures are from Junior General by C.J. Fiorito. The trees are from Microtactix. The house, several actually, are from WargamePrint and I created the boards and hills.

I used an olive color on the board and then used HSV noise to give it a speckled effect.  I then blurred the image to make it look smooth similar to a game mat.  The background on the figures are done in a similar fashion to those you can get at Paper Terrain.  My only mistake is that I cut into the commander figure a little too far.  I do also still have to texture up some bases.  I should have let the cut run across the top of his head or even kept it level with the bayonets.  I still have roads, river and maybe a bridge or two to make.  I am pretty happy with the results so far.


6 Responses to The Truly Portable Wargame

  1. Ed Mueller says:

    I REALLY like the look of that. Well done!

  2. Rob Dean says:

    Looks good! What are the overall dimensions, and what does it pack into?

  3. acarhj says:

    @Ed: Thanks!

    @Rob: Each board is only 7″ on an edge. So a minimum of a 7.5″ square box. I am thinking probably something more flat though. I really haven’t given it much thought. Let me get through all of the terrain production first! 😉

  4. Rob Dean says:

    I see. 😯 This will ultimately be much more portable than my effort, as shown in this blog post:

  5. acarhj says:

    That’s a nice setup, Rob. I suppose the box won’t store neatly in on the parlor shelf but so long as their is room in the trunk, it looks pretty portable to me! I suppose there is an inverse relationship between size and “tangibility.” The more tangible the setup (real models etc) the bigger the storage case.

  6. Rob Dean says:

    Thank you. It’s sized to fit the largest box that will fit under an airline seat, so that I have something to take to a con if I fly.

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