Ancients D6 now in German

Bernd Kohler has translated version 2 of the game to German.  His version accommodates large stands of 4-12 figures depending on the unit type.  Rather than simply assigning 2, 3 or 4 strength to the unit, he modified the game to include all figures in the unit.  So from handfuls to buckets of dice rolling fun.  You can find it on the AD6 Page here in the German section right below 3.0.

Light infantry fend off an attack by a group of Elephants. From a game using the German version of AD6.

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  1. Flotter_Otto says:

    The German translation of the armylist also includes the HYW with the English, French, and the Burgundians.

  2. Flotter_Otto says:

    Die deutsche Übersetzung der Armeelisten enthält auch den hundertjährigen Krieg mit Engländern, Franzosen und Burgundern.

  3. Flotter_Otto says:

    Hello John!
    Your rules of the game have given me the idea. It’s no problem.

  4. keith simmons says:

    Are the modifications to the German Language rules available in English?? We really like D6 so any mods or rule clarifications would be very welcome and helpful.

  5. Bernd Kohler says:

    Hello Keith!
    I can translate the D6-version of the German rules in English. Give me a little bit of time to do that, because my English is lousy. At first I`m going to send the rules to John to proofread.
    Greetings from Germany (Hesse Kassel)

  6. keith says:

    Thanks!! we will be looking forward to that In the mean time I will be looking up an old army buddy fluent in German. As matter of fact,we just played a game today.( love having elephants)

  7. Flotter_Otto says:

    Hello Keith! I didn’t forget to translate the German rules. I have had no time until now to do that. But I want to tell you what I did in the German rules version. The american written rules are the same. But I multiplied the figure bases by 3. So you get 6 skirmishers on a single base instead of the original 2 figures. There is the following basing and some exceptions:

    Heavy Infantry, Spears, Pikes: 12 Figures
    Auxiliaries, Bows: 10 Figures
    Warbands, Peltasts: 9 Figures
    Skirmishers: 6 Figures
    Light Cavalry: 6 Mounted Figures
    Cavalry: 9 Mounted Figures
    Knights, Cataphrakts, Camels 10 Mounted Figures
    Mob, Peasants 18 Figures
    Elephants, chariots, Artillerie 2 or 3 Models
    if 3 models do not fit on the base, put 2 on it, only. Treat 2 models as 3 models.

    Multiply all used dice by 3, because there are 3 times as many figures. For example: if you test moral, you need to count the remaining figures of the unit and roll as many dice. You need 3 dice instead of the originally 1 die with 4+ value each to pass the moral test. (I hope my English isn’t too lousy.)
    All units test following:
    Heavy Infantry, Spears, Pikes: 4 dice with 4+ value each
    Auxiliaries: No change, test like Heavy Infantry
    Warbands: 3 dice with 3+ value each
    Skirmishers: 2 dice with 3+ value each
    Elephants, Chariots: 2 dice with 3+ value each (Treat them as 3 models! It s difficult to put 3 models on a base)
    Light Cavalry: 2 dice with 3+ value each
    Cavalry: 3 dice with 3+ value each
    Knights, Cataphrakts, Camels: 3 dice with 3+ value each
    Mob: Either No change, test like Heavy Infantry or 4 dice with 5+ value each

    The army lists should be the same except army list values multiplied by 3. I did a new list of the Hundred Years War with Jeanne d’Arc.

    The reason why for all of this, I want a better look of units and more dice to avoid too many strange dice results.


  8. Bernd Kohler says:

    Hello Keith!
    I need to correct my comment of today. I read my amendments, again. If you test moral of elephants chariots just use 1 die with 3+ value.
    Warbands: 3 dice with 4+ value each
    Skirmishers: 2 dice with 4+ value each
    Light cavalry: 2 dice with 4+ value each
    Cavalry: 3 dice with 4+ value each
    Well, it is correct now. I did the changes of moral
    settings, because it should be a better balance
    between smaller and bigger units. Of course you can
    feel free to change these settings to your taste.
    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, again.

  9. keith says:

    Bernd, thanks so much. We should be able to play your version now with English written rules. My figs are 1/72 plastic based for DBA ( although we never played it after we found D6) 60mm frontages. What size bases do you use or recommend?

    I have a couple basic questions about D6 I was hoping you might help me with.

    1. Example: I move first so I move units into melee contact with my opponent On his turn he backs up any unit that he does not want to melee .??
    2.If the melee is a tie,then we roll again changing some modifiers that are for the first round of combat only? (e.g. Charge bonus ) .

    Thanks for the help. We have a Successor battle set up in the dining area now but farming is top priority with this weather so I better get back outside.

    thanks again

    ps we modifid the movement due to the larger bases.

  10. acarhj says:

    Hi Keith,
    1. Once you are in melee contact, you may not move away unless the enemy can evade or is allowed to break off from combat or, of course, if you lose the melee. 😀 Breakoff can only occur if the unit is cavalry or skirmish units and only if the unit is faster than the enemy.
    2. If the melee is a tie, then on the next turn, melee will resume during the next melee phase. Re-evaluate modifiers and dice at that time. Charge bonuses obviously will not be used as neither unit is charging.

    Hope that helps,


  11. Flotter_Otto says:

    Hi Keith!
    John has already answered your question to melee. I agree. Referring to your question on the size of the basing, I use a frontage of 90mm for the bases of all unit types. The depth of the different units is as follows:
    Heavy Infantry, Spears, Pikes: 40mm
    Auxiliaries, Bows: 50mm
    Warbands, Peltasts: 50mm
    Skirmishers: 50mm
    Light Cavalry: 80mm
    Cavalry: 80mm
    Knights, Cataphrakts, Camels: 80mm
    Mob, Peasants: 90mm
    Elephants, chariots, Artillerie: 80mm
    My figs are also 1/72 plastic and white metal. When I based my figs I didn’t think about people who already based their figs for DBA. And often times they are not very happy to rebase their figs for a new wargames rule. My intention was to get a better look of the units. And I didn’t want too large units.
    Because of the original base size, it would have been better to use
    4 times as many figures (4 bases). So you didn’t need to rebase your figs.
    If you want a better look of a single unit, use a big base size.
    If you don’t like to rebase your figures you could try to use 4 times as many figures (4 bases). You also need to multiply all used dice by 4, because there are 4 times as many figures. That can be easily adapted.
    I would like to see some pics of your ancient battle.


  12. keith simmons says:

    Hi Bernd we’ve played alot of games over the winter and I just want to thank John and you for reviving my interest in ancients . Next winter I build bases to hold four regular bases. Then we can have four times as many dice!1 kids love it and its easy to teach to non-wargame players. Start with no terrain and no mods or command radius , We even built our own piece called stampeded cattle like DBA. Thanks again

  13. Flotter_Otto says:

    Hi Keith! It is a pleasure to me, if more people and especially the kids like the modified game.I like to play it as well. If you are interested in additional army lists I can post it here or send it to you.


  14. keith simmons says:

    Sure . posting for everyone is a good idea. I have some Japanese ancients ready to battle after I base them.
    We found a article in a wargames illustrated magazine about playing the battle of Magnesia with DBA. So it will be big but were setting it up in the cellar now.the Romans have 33 units and the Seleucid s have 50!
    I can send photos to your Email or post them but I am not sure of the procedure.

  15. acarhj says:

    Glad you are enjoying the rules. Bernd send along a couple of pictures using his chunky stands. The battle he had looked really cool. You can send the photos to me with maybe a small write-up and I can post them if you like.
    e-mail jacar AT johnshouse DOT org

  16. Bernd Kohler says:

    Hi Keith,
    I am interested as well in the photos. If you send them to John, he can publish them on this website.


  17. acarhj says:

    I’ll get them posted in the next day or so.

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