Testing some modifications for DBA 3.0

Well, if I am going with 3.0, at least I am going to put it in to a form which I can live with.  Not being a fan of side support, I tested out some possible modifications of the rules.  The “battles” fought were 4 element armies of the same type.  All spear vs all blade and so forth.  The battle is over when 2 elements are lost on one side.  The modifications are as follows:

Bd ties Sp: recoil

Wb ties Sp: Recoil

The first matchup was Bd vs Sp.  I played 3 times.  In all three battles, the Bd army won.  The Sp were more resilient but against a 5 Cf, you need a double overlap to have a decent chance at doubling the enemy.  The most notable matchup is Middle Saxons with essentially all Sp vs Early Viking with essentially all Bd.  The Vikings do have an Aggression of 3 vs the Saxon Aggression of only 1.  So the Saxons get to choose the terrain type.  So this matchup really needs to be tested on something more than a flat battlefield.

The second matchup was Sp vs Wb.  I played this one out 7 times or more.  The first fight went to the Sp.  The second fight went to the Wb and the Sp were destroyed to the last man.  Not boding well.  the third fight went to the Wb as well but it was a closer match.  The rest of the fights went to the Sp.  Every one of them were close.  I think this might be a good balance for this matchup and no fiddly side support rules are required.

So what of the SOLID vs FAST thing?  All I can stay as is, if you want the detail, keep it in.  There will be some overlap of outcomes but oh well.

The last item is Kn vs Bd.  The answer is lots of terrain since most Kn armies are also high aggression armies.  It will be up to the defender to place enough terrain to help his army while hindering the opponents army. There is, in the current rules, that the Kn are Qk on a tie against Bd.  That might be enough to even the score on a flat battlefield.   I have not tried this matchup yet.



One Response to Testing some modifications for DBA 3.0

  1. PatG says:

    Interesting ideas. I will have to try them out

    I love my DBA but solid / fast is drifting into DBMM territory – also a good game. I am a bit concerned 3.0 will be bastardized DBMM rather than DBA.

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