HaT Late Roman Madium Infantry Review

I’ve started my first foray into the world of 1/72 scale plastics.  My first review is of the HaT Late Roman Medium Infantry. 

The box contains 4 sprues, 12 figures  each. Each sprue is identical so you have 4 of each figure.  The figures themselves are almost flash free.  There is very little clean up involved.  As well, the shields and most of the weapons come attached to the miniature.  There is one figure that holds a spear over head and forward.  He has a loop hand for a spear that is provided.  The other figure is the standard bearer.  The standard has to be glued to the figure’s open hand.  There are two options for the standard.  There is a Vexillum (shown) and a Draco. 


Late Roman Command and Spearmen

The second group contains more spearmen.  Some wear a Pannonian cap while other wear a helmet.   The poses are pretty active but none seem to be outrageous.


Medium Roman Spearmen

The set is made of soft plastic.  It is very bendable.  One of the spearmen has a spear that curves from being stressed under pressure but the plastic does seem to bend back into place very easily. 

Soft plastic aside, this set is pretty good.  The detail is sharp and the scultping is realistic.  The box retails for $7.50 for 48 figures.  Gamers requiring large amounts of figures should consider using these for their Late Roman Troops.

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