The Photo Stage

Today, I built a photo stage for taking pictures of miniatures.  This will be useful for reviewing miniature lines and taking quick pictures for painting tutorials.  The box measures 15″ X 10″ X 10″.  The short wall is not necessary for photography.  It is there to stabilize the back wall.  I used a single sheet of 3/8″ foam board 20″ X 30″.   I cut it into 4 15″X10″ sections.  I cut down the short wall to 10″ X 10 3/8″.  I used PVA glue and wire brads to fashion it all together.

The stage with 2 100 watt lamps.

The stage with two 100 watt lamps.

 Still experimenting with photography.  I am not so good yet.  I know the general principles but it will take time to get the right mix of light and positioning.

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