Return of the fog

I managed to clear the table of all of my Cracker Line ACW cavalry.  The Union now have 3 brigades of 6 stands while the Rebs have 2 brigades, one of 6 and one of 7.  I would have sworn I painted up 2 more stands but I can’t find them.  I noticed the table in my basement had been bumped and the stands were disturbed but no extra stands could be found on the floor.  Guess I need to learn to count.  Anyway, I turfed up the stands in the old school style so they match the battle mat well.

I applied a coat of Crystal Clear with out issue.  Then I applied a coat if Matte with the dreaded result…THE FOG!  As it turns out, applying this stuff in the evening after a warm day is not really a good idea.  It is most humid at night and that specifically is what causes the “fog” effect with matte finishes.  Like a Romans facing an elephant a cooler head prevails.   I simply applied another coat of Crystal Clear and the fog went away.  Now, I just need a time where the humidity is relatively low so I can apply the matte finish again.  Annoying, since most nights become humid quickly around here and most mornings, the humidity has not burned off by the time I go t work.  First world gamer problems, I suppose.

The shininess of the Crystal Clear is not so apparent on 10mm figures.  I am still going to hit them with matte finish.  Pictures this weekend.

One Response to Return of the fog

  1. Dale says:

    That is a bummer.

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