It’s Here! Ancients D6 Version 3!

New version of Ancients D6 is now online.

  • Updated (slightly) Graphics
  • New Turn sequence with missile fire rolled into movement
  • Streamlined abilities
  • Simplified morale system
  • Rallying now requires you to spend order points to remove damage from units
  • In all, a better flowing game

The Fantasy version will be updated in the next month or so, which means, when I can find time to play test.

Both Version 2 and Version 3 can be found here.


2 Responses to It’s Here! Ancients D6 Version 3!

  1. francesco Franchini says:

    I like the rules but I can’t understand if the bases must be allined, like in DBA/M when in H2H ???? Any help ??

  2. William Smith says:

    Hi John,

    These rules are great. I’m getting together 60mm (Expeditionary Force Miniatures) Alexandrian and Persian armies and I have a question.

    The Alexandrian list says 10pts of mercenaries. How does this scale with increasing the army points total (e.g. 15 pts mercs with a 45 pt army or something different)?


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