Craftees are HERE!

I am finally done with my Craftee army.  This is the Punic army for the Battle of Zama.

The front line. These beauties are the Tiger Tank of the Ancient world. Complete with infantry support.

Celtic and Ligurian mercenaries helped fill out the first line.

The Citizen infantry were probably a combination of the "National Guard" and the Punic Marines. They were Phonecians with little in the way of battle experience. That translates into really poor troops.

Numidian cavalry manned the Punic right. They were out numbered 2-1 in the actual battle.

Hannibal's Veterans. The tremendous amount of experience and the captured Roman equipment make these men feared opponents.

You have already seen the Punic horse so I will not show them here again.  Below is the army Arrayed for Battle!

Armed and ready to march across my living room floor.

Matt and I are running two games at Cold Wars.  His game is on Friday and mine on Saturday.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to make the Friday game.  If you make it to Cold Wars, come check out the game.  It is “Kid Friendly” so plenty of death and maiming for the whole family!

3 Responses to Craftees are HERE!

  1. Dale Hurtt says:

    Really excellent figures! I look forward to seeing you guys at Cold Wars and giving these figures a try!

  2. acarhj says:

    Thanks Dale. I’ll see you at Cold Wars!

  3. Really cool figures!

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