Here we go again….again.

I finally managed to modify Neil Thomas’ One Hour Wargame rules down to a level that keeps with the vibe of the game.  The only departure to the rules is that I added a simple morale system.

I decided on each unit being eliminated upon taking its third hit.  It is easy enough to mark one or two hits with either a numeric marker or a two sided counter.  The third hit eliminates the unit so there is no need to mark that.

Determining the staying power of a unit on the average is also important.  I did what I usually do and assumed a chance to hit as partial damage.  So for instance, in normal conditions, a unit will be eliminated after the fifth turn of combat on the average.  I decided that if a unit took .67 hits per turn, it would acquire its third hit after 5 turns.  A simple table was developed so that a single die roll of 3+ would cause 1 hit.  A unit being attacked by a poor unit (D6-2) is eliminated after 9 turns.  So assuming .33 hits per turn would accomplish this.  So a roll of 5+ would cause a hit.  The final is a unit attacked by a superior unit (D6+2) would be eliminated after only 3 turns.  So this really is 1 hit per turn which would normally not require a die roll.  I decided to add some uncertainty.  So a 1 is a miss.  2 through 5 causes 1 hit.  A 6 causes 2 hits.  This fits neatly with the the rules since superior units can eliminate an adversary in 2 turns.  For half damage situations, 6 for poor, 5+ for average and 4+ for superior causes 1 hit.

Morale should not be overthought for this game.  When a unit takes a hit in melee, roll a die.  On a 5+ it must retreat 1 move.  This counts as that unit’s move for next turn.

This is the full play sheet.  Observe all of the rules and period specific rules from the book.  These modifications can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Turn Sequence


Shoot if allowed

Melee if in contact

Morale for target if it took damage this turn

Move rates and Shooting Ranges

Infantry Move 6” Shoot 12”

Artillery Move 6” Shoot 36”

Cavalry Move 12” Shoot 6”


Die Roll




























-2 column is for D6-2 combat. 0 column is for D6 combat. +2 column is for D6+2 combat.

The first number is damage for no cover/armor. The second number is damage for cover/armor/hill.

For double damage, simply roll twice and add the combat results together.

Units are eliminated after 3 hits.


Target unit retreats on a 5+ if it took damage in combat.

Cavalry will fall back if in contact with infantry at the end of combat.

13 Responses to Here we go again….again.

  1. Tony says:

    Hello John. I have developed a similar morale system but with 3 levels: Poor +4, Average +5, Elite – don’t test.

    I have a failure fall back immediately 1 move + 3 inches. They move normally in their next move. Similar outcome to your approach I think as it means, like you, the unit will take 2 moves to get back into a hand-to-hand.

  2. simoncwilson says:

    Hi John,

    Look good. Is the rally roll only for losses in close combat or des it also include taking hits from shooting? The pdf summary refers to “melee” and the blog above says “combat.”



  3. acarhj says:

    Hi Simon,
    In keeping with what Neil Thomas would do, I would only make the roll for close combat. I think his other rules (Introduction to Wargaming, Ancient and Medieval Wargaming) only require a morale roll for close combat losses.

  4. simoncwilson says:

    In respones to Tony’s post. I like the idea of poor, average and elite morale die rolls. But, does Tony’s approach by which a failed morale test means a retreat of 1 move + 3 inches immediately and then a normal move in their own turn mean that they can still fire in their next move even if they can’t charge straight back into combat? On balance, I think that I prefer John’s approach with the retreat counting as their next move, meaning that they are essentially disordered and can’t do anything while they sort themselves out. – if I have read it right.



  5. Tony says:

    Simon – you are right about firing. I forgot to say they end the move facing away from the hand-to-hand. That way they have to turn around on their next move and therefore can’t fire. I count turning as movement. The reason I move immediately is so I don’t forget 🙂

    Also like John I only count morale for hand-to-hand not shooting also for the reasons given.

  6. nobby531 says:

    “I count turning as movement.” May I ask why? The rules allow for turning at the beginning and/or end of a movement, I think.

  7. simoncwilson says:

    I think the wording is:

    “Turning. Units turn by pivoting on their central point. They may do so at the start and/or the end of their move.” I think the key point is end of “move” rather than end of “movement.” The latter would suggest that turning is a separate activity from movement whereas the former, and what is said, simply says that movement may include pivoting and says when it may happen. I think!!

  8. nobby531 says:

    I think, I hope, you are over analysing it. I have always read that as being one item of movement not up to three.
    Hopefully, John can enlighten me?

  9. simoncwilson says:

    I have also posted the question on AMW groupsIO.


  10. acarhj says:

    They turn about the center at the beginning and/or the end of the move. I think that implies both can happen in the same turn. I would also suggest that a unit must move straight ahead while they move. Also, turning is clearly part of movement according to the rules.

  11. Tony says:

    The question of whether turning is or isn’t part of the move seems to be a perennial question with NT’s rules.

  12. Tony says:

    If pivoting was not part of movement then you would have a 360 degree firing arc as there is no restriction on turning (except for charging). Hence specifying in the rules the firing arc is 45 degrees would be irrelevant. Therefore I take pivoting as part of movement.

  13. simoncwilson says:

    I agree with Tony!


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