4 PM July 2nd, 1863

I’ve finished up the southern most tip of the battlefield at for Gettysburg.  The scenario focuses mainly on the struggle to take Little and Big Roundtop.  Some of the engagement was cut out in order to spare my sanity as I will be playing this solo using OTR D6.  The Confederate forces will have McLaw’s and Hood’s division with some eventual reinforcements from Anderson’s division.  Ultimately, they will have 10 brigades plus 5 units of artillery.  Union troops will have considerably more but probably most will have few stands and not be as experienced.

I wanted to represent the batteries as 2 stand units but I’ve found I don’t have enough painted up.  I have the guns and crew…but only in silver.  I’m also a few command stands short for both sides.  That should be easy enough to fix.  probably a night’s painting.  Perhaps I can repurpose them as units leave the field.  Or as Joshua Chamberlain said, “Wait here.  Some will be available soon.”

I might get a couple of turns in tonight but more likely, this will be an Easter afternoon fight.

A view from the South looking North.

One Response to 4 PM July 2nd, 1863

  1. simoncwilson says:

    I look forward to seing the report!


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