A lighter shade of OTR

By request, here is a copy of On to Richmond D6.  It is not a faithful reproduction of the rules as the randomizer is a D6 instead of a D10.  The morale and melee system have both been reworked and streamlined.  Enjoy!

11 Responses to A lighter shade of OTR

  1. simoncwilson says:

    Thannks very much John. What base size did you use for the game?


  2. John says:

    Hi Simon,
    The game assumes 15mm figures and 1″ base widths. You can double the ranges for larger base sizes.

  3. simoncwilson says:

    Thanks john. Another question if I may – can a unit get multiple morale markers or can it only have one at one time? If it can have multiple morale markers, does a successful test remove all markers or only one at a time?



  4. John says:

    First paragraph of the shooting rules explains it. Each additional morale marker will drive the unit back a single move per marker. Regardless whether you pass a morale test or not, the morale marker is removed.

  5. simoncwilson says:

    Hi again John. I note that the modifiers refer to “damaged artillery.” I am probabably missing it, but I can’t see any reference as to how artillery become damaged?

    Cheers Simon

  6. acarhj says:

    Hi Simon. That’s probably one of those things where it is clear in my head but not in the rules. 😀 Artillery can take 2 hits. So when artillery takes it’s first hit, it is considered “damaged”. I represent my artillery with 2 stands. Damaged/small batteries are 1 stand.
    Hope that made sense.

  7. simoncwilson says:

    Perfect sense!


  8. simoncwilson says:

    Hello again John. Hope you are managing OK through the C19 thing.
    I am looking at doing a re-run of Antietam in 3 separate stages – Cornfield, Sunken lane and Burnside Bridge. My early research suggests that Brigades were often around the 1000 mark – ie 3 or 4 bases. I see there is a modifier for smaller brigades (each 2 base below 6) but just wondering if you had found that smaller brigades work OK?

    Cheers, Simon

  9. acarhj says:

    Hi Simon,
    I am doing something similar with Gettysburg. I am going to do the 2nd day from the Rose Farm down through the Round Tops. One thing I do when their are small units is I will try to combine them. I think 3 stands and smaller are not terribly viable.

    For instance, Caldwell’s division contains 4 brigades at 980 men or less. The Irish brigade had only about 600 men at the time of battle. Cross had about 950. 3rd and 4th brigade had about 90 men each. So I’d combine these into two “brigades.” Cross and Kelley would combine for a 5 stand brigade and 3rd and 4th brigade would combine for a 6 stand brigade. you lose some flexibility and replace it with staying power.

    Hope that helps,


  10. simoncwilson says:

    That is a sound idea!


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