A lighter shade of OTR

By request, here is a copy of On to Richmond D6.  It is not a faithful reproduction of the rules as the randomizer is a D6 instead of a D10.  The morale and melee system have both been reworked and streamlined.  Enjoy!

8 Responses to A lighter shade of OTR

  1. simoncwilson says:

    Thannks very much John. What base size did you use for the game?


  2. John says:

    Hi Simon,
    The game assumes 15mm figures and 1″ base widths. You can double the ranges for larger base sizes.

  3. simoncwilson says:

    Thanks john. Another question if I may – can a unit get multiple morale markers or can it only have one at one time? If it can have multiple morale markers, does a successful test remove all markers or only one at a time?



  4. John says:

    First paragraph of the shooting rules explains it. Each additional morale marker will drive the unit back a single move per marker. Regardless whether you pass a morale test or not, the morale marker is removed.

  5. simoncwilson says:

    Hi again John. I note that the modifiers refer to “damaged artillery.” I am probabably missing it, but I can’t see any reference as to how artillery become damaged?

    Cheers Simon

  6. acarhj says:

    Hi Simon. That’s probably one of those things where it is clear in my head but not in the rules. 😀 Artillery can take 2 hits. So when artillery takes it’s first hit, it is considered “damaged”. I represent my artillery with 2 stands. Damaged/small batteries are 1 stand.
    Hope that made sense.

  7. simoncwilson says:

    Perfect sense!


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