A post Turkey-Day Post

Gaming is not something I do over the holidays except for the odd computer game or maybe a game of checkers.  Holidays do give me time to ponder what it is I want to do in gaming over the next year.  One of those things, of course, is to finish up my considerably large project for the American War of Independence.  I plan on using “A Gentleman’s War” for head to head smaller games.  It does provide a fun wargame for both players but does not really lend itself well to multiplayer games.

I’ve been gaming long enough to know exactly what game mechanics work for me and what don’t.  Often I write games as an experiment and use one game mechanic or another.  Sometimes it is just to provide a more codified game system.  But it occurs to me that I’ve used enough of these mechanics and definitely favor some over others.  So I’ve decided to write a rules set that, in theory, would be my perfect rules set.  So, much like I did with Charles Grant’s magazine game “Battle”, I plan on going through the various phases in a series of articles and coming up with something (not so) unique that appeals to my taste.  With some luck, I hope that you will find it appealing too.

Other than designing yet another wargame, I do plan on continuing with my AWI project.  I also have some 3D printed pre-dreadnought ships that deserve some attention.  I am planning on using White Bear, Red Sun (Manley) for the rules.  I have some 6mm ww2 figures already painted and based looking for a rules set to play.  Playing a double blind game of Crossfire (Conliffe)  is quite approachable and my son might even put down his Pokemon deck to play.


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  1. CHRIS JOHNSON says:

    Good luck with separating the kid from Pokemon. In my case I tried using a crowbar, to no avail–especially since all I accomplished was to see him reattach himself to his electronics.

    I have a lot of 25mm Hinchliffe AWI figs that have been awaiting paint for a very, very long time. I was going to use “Charge”, but I keep reading good things about “A Gentleman’s War”. I was put off by the price, however, as I’m on a somewhat tight budget right now. Are the rules themselves really worth the cost, or do the rules as well as the book itself justify the expence?

    Best regards and happy holidays,


  2. Shaun Travers says:

    “write a rules set that, in theory, would be my perfect rules set”

    Had to laugh. But seriously, good luck – it is possible and there are people that play with just one set they believe to be perfect. If only I/we could be the same! I am a bit like you, but I have overlapping mechanisms I like and so I am not sure I could choose to create a perfect set. I have favourites to combine, but not sure I could get to a perfect one! Will be most interested to see how you get on, even getting to a “close to perfect” would be a milestone.

  3. acarhj says:

    Hi Chris!
    Good to hear from you again! Charge would be another fine set to play. I think you could even still go with small units though the rules say they require big battalions. Stay tuned. I am getting ready to start my “Favorite Game” series. It’s really just cobbling together a bunch of my favorite game mechanics into a (hopefully) coherent set of rules.

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