DF-LIKE Horse and Musket Update

After a mere 2 years, DF-LIKE Horse and Musket has been updated.  There was a minor error in the QRS (last page) that reflected the old melee resolution system.  It is now changed to reflect the rules.

With that said, I am going to run it through the paces with a mini campaign using the One Hour Wargames scenarios.  I’ll be randomly determining the scenario and deploy one side as the English and the other as the French.  The winner of the scenario becomes (or remains!) the attacker in the next scenario.  I’ll play 6 of them and see where the narrative takes me.

3 Responses to DF-LIKE Horse and Musket Update

  1. David cooke says:

    I look forward to seeing them. What is DF Like?

  2. acarhj says:

    Hi David, I can’t believe I did not link them! Sleep deprivation, I suppose. You can find them here. Also, they are on my “Old School” page. See the top line menu bar. DF-Like is Don Featherstone like rules. They will be immediatly familiar to anyone who has ever played them. They do, of course, have my own elements added but I’ve kept with his “realistic simplicity” vibe. Thanks for looking!

  3. David cooke says:

    I wonder if you heard the “Oooh. Of course!” from where you are when I read your explanation of “DF like”. I’ve just begun to go old school too and was alarmed this morning when I couldn’t locate my copy of “Battles with model Soldiers” by DF. I’m building some early 18th century Imagi-Nations and wondering about converting my ACW and Napoleonics over to figure removal. Very much looking forward to reading what your doing with the rules.

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