One Hour On to Richmond D6

The title is a little clumsy but that is exactly what it is!.  I managed the first five turns of scenario 10 of One Hour Wargames.  The situation has the Yankees fighting a delaying action and protecting a town.  The Rebels have to advance through a narrow gap flanked by trees and an impassible mountain.  The game is moving along at a good clip.

Union forces consisted of 4 infantry brigades in 2 divisions, a rifled artillery battery and a cavalry brigade.

The Confederate forces consisted of 3 infantry brigades, 2 crack infantry brigades and a smooth bore artillery battery.

I made any crack unit (Zuoaves as they are called in OHW) have a combat value of 4.  The other brigades are either trained or veteran, randomly determined.  As it turns out, all regular infantry on the field are veterans.   I determine the combat value of a unit at the first time the unit grade is needed.  Seeing the elephant.

The situation after turn 1. Both forces would come to grips by turn 3.

The Union started the fight by inflicting some losses on one of the Confederate brigades.  The battle ebbed and flowed through turn 4 with the Union brigades grudgingly giving ground.  At one point, a Confederate brigade made an uncontrolled charge and got one a minor victory over a Union brigade in melee.   The gap was so narrow that the crack brigade formed a reinforced line and took its chances with the dice roll for shooting, as it could only bring 4 stands to bear.  Turned 5 went to the Confederates.  The picture below says it all.

Turn 5 was a mixed bag. The Yankees failed to inflict significant losses. However, the union artillery and part of the second division can be seen deploying around the town.

I will hopefully have a conclusion tomorrow.


6 Responses to One Hour On to Richmond D6

  1. Hey John,

    Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!

    It’s probably right in front of me, but is there a link to your d6 version of On to Richmond?


    Chris J.

  2. acarhj says:

    Hi Chris,

    Happy TG to you too! It’s not yet ready for prime time. I finished up the game last night. I’ve discovered that movement rates were too fast. It actually had some effect on the game when a unit gets pushed back. They can get driven out of range too easily. I’ll send along a copy when I’ve made another round of edits…probably by the end of the week. It’s only 3 pages long so not a lot of interesting reading there. 😉


  3. simoncwilson says:

    Hi John – are these rules available anywhere?



  4. John says:

    Hi Simon,
    I’ll post them this evening. I have them on my computer at home.

  5. simoncwilson says:

    Thanks – that is great and I look forward to seeing them!


  6. acarhj says:

    Hi Simon,

    Just posted the rules on the main page. If you can also download them from the “Old School” page on the top bar.

    Let me know how they work for you.


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