A Little Show-and-Tell

Here are a few photos from my work over the past few months.  They were some quick shots so the photo quality is not so great.

A few Orcs from Dark Alliance set 3. This mix is one of each figure from a single spru.

My first Union Cavalry. I have 18 bases in all. This represents 1 Union Brigade.

Some dismounted Union cavalry.

A Confederate firing line of dismounted cavalry. ACW figures by Good Ground and by Old North State. The latter is out of print.

3 Responses to A Little Show-and-Tell

  1. Prufrock says:

    Looking good, John!

  2. Dan Foley says:

    Those Old North State figures were nice but I had 15mm and great will power. Nice brush work on all.

  3. acarhj says:

    Thanks fellas!
    @Dan The Old North State figures are quite nice, especially since they are some of the older 10mm sculpts out there. I’ve ha d a few miscast figures for infantry. That is going to happen. The beauty of the 10mm figures is that you can use a file on them to even things out and they will still look pretty good. With smaller scales it is much harder to detect and imperfections after filing them down.

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