All About Nothing: Friday Grab Bag #4

I’m a wargame butterfly.  Recently I got up a nice head of steam and painted up a bunch of Afrika Korps infantry.  Then I found Nazgul well suited for my LotR 1/72 scale project so  just HAD to stop and paint then.  I am trying to get refocused on WW2 but Lord of the Rings (maybe it is the call of the Witch-King) is holding me back.  The sad part is, somehow I am feeling the draw of the Horse and Musket era too.

Someone inquired about the 2 AB41 scout cars on my paint table.  It at least prompted me to maybe give them the paint job they deserve.  They are nice models after all.  Well, at breakfast, I thought I’d clean up the tiny bulges you sometimes get with resin models.  I found out the hard way that the wheels were not molded on but glued on.  Pop went he wheel.  Stab went the knife into my thumb.  To make matters worse, I could not find the wheel anywhere on the floor.  My daughter is home sick so I told her she could find the wheel if she was up to it.  She pointed down on the floor, “You mean that wheel?”  Crisis averted.

There are fan made rules for playing Frostgrave same side which suits my son fine.  He can’t seem to do well when he fights me.  I am using good old tactics.  I hit/neutralize targets that are imminent threats and then focus firepower on other targets or destroy the ones that have been neutralized.  It’s not really different from modern infantry tactics.  Anyway, I told him about playing same side games.  He also has an interest in LotR as we just finished up the trilogy of movies recently.  So Frostgrave already has behavior rules for monsters and the rules for solo play require that you spawn monsters randomly around the board 2 at a time.  It should make for some challenging “chase” style scenarios.  We can pick up loot along the way.

I’ve been a good boy except for adding the odd figures that are needed to round out a project.  The lead pile never seems to shrink.  I’ve been stricken with the fever that most miniatures gamers get, buying the the latest shiny objects or starting a new project because it looks “cool.”  I have not started a new project in years.  I have several stalled projects though.  Well maybe not stalled.  Just temporarily halted while I vacillate between them all.  Slow and steady I suppose.

2 Responses to All About Nothing: Friday Grab Bag #4

  1. Saying butterfly after wargaming is superfluous, i think 99.99% of wargamers are butterflies and it is rare to find a non-flitter 🙂

    Co-op with children – where I seem to have ended up for in gaming! My daughter likes co-op and not fond of head to head games, except strangely for card based games (e.g. fish, snap, sushi-go, uno, love letter and a few others we have) where she loves the competition, and does not mind losing either. Although she did like the game we did of One Hour Wargames because she beat me 🙂

  2. acarhj says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that in a sense, Frostgrave is kind of pointless when playing head to head. One warband will inevitably get ahead to the point where the other can’t stop them. I think playing in a group setting, it becomes a bit better…much like playing a true roleplay game. Even then, you play cooperatively. I am hoping this will do the trick.

    Glad you and your daughter are having some fun gaming. I think a few victories for the young ones definitely adds to the appeal of gaming. 😉

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