Odds and Ends to Keep Me Writing

I’m starting a new category called “Friday Grab Bag” which will be some random wargaming thoughts and what I’ve been working on.  I’ll try to make an entry, no matter how big or small, every Friday.  Very low impact posts which may or may not include some pictures.  So here we go.

My son and I have played a bit of Frostgrave over the summer up until about when school started.  We are both enjoying it a lot.  It is sort of a table top lite role playing system.  My only quibble with the game is how “swingy” combat can be.  You can be well defended, behind a stone wall and be killed in 1 shot.  While this makes some sense, since your head is exposed, it makes less sense when the figure is standing in the open.  Combat damage is the difference between the opponents armor and the final attack roll.  So if you rolled a 24 and your opponent rolled a 23, just missing the block, you would then compare it to the opponents armor and the difference between the two is the damage taken.  Most characters can take 10 points.  Armor is usually 10-14.

A game of Frostgrave in progress. There really does need to be lots of terrain to make the game fun.

I’ve been looking a bit at 2WW by One Small Step.  It is a game of the war in Europe in the 1940s, not unlike Third Reich by Avalon Hill.  The depth seems about the same but as Third Reich but the scale is a little smaller and the rules mechanics are a bit more simple.  However, the game still seems to cover all of the same aspect.  You can find ut more on the BGG page.  I plan on picking up the PnP version from Wargame Vault.

I have started back to my Desert War project.  I am currently painting a German mortor infantry regiment for the 5th light division.  I’ve done plenty of research on the colors and even found the correct colors in stock at the local hobby shop.  Oh happy days!  It is not really the laser focus you might be expecting.  I am actually just clearing the paint table.  I finished up my ACW cavalry…that one bag I missed out on when I painted them up the first time.  I am happy to report that the Union and Confederate forces have their full compliments now.  There are also about 24 Orcs that need  paint.   I am painting each set with different skin colors.  I have Dark Brown, Ochre and Medium Gray.  While I am not to happy with the Gray skins (the gray blends with the metal armor too much) they do still look good enough.




5 Responses to Odds and Ends to Keep Me Writing

  1. Good idea to rejuvenate the blogging motivation!

  2. Hello John,

    Very interesting re: 2WW. I got it via pre-order as I am very interested in quick and interesting games on the War in Europe, and it is by Bill Banks as well! It is very high on the the boardgame to do list, but has been there for 3 years 😦 I actually got it out a couple of months ago and looked through it but am busy with the 6×6 challenge. If it can be PBEM’d and you are interested, i would be up for a game if you ever get around to acquiring and printing,.

    Oh, and I really like the idea of a Friday grab bag. I for one will be reading them, short or long I have sometimes thought of doing something like that myself, so the idea must be good 🙂

    Lastly, good to see you are still gaming with your son. Out gaming in the family has slowed down a lot (i.e. to zero) in the last three months with winter sports. I got Battlestations last month (it was a an early 2016 Kickstarter) and hoping to get in a few games of that with the children.

  3. acarhj says:

    Thanks, John! That is the desired effect. Lets hope it works out that way!

  4. acarhj says:

    Hi Shaun,

    I’ve been eying 2ww since it was made available via WGV. Not sure why I never bought it. I guess it was the time commitment. I’d be happy to give it a whirl sometime with you. It does have a VASSAL module to aid in PBEM.

    Great minds think alike! I was doing it to get my ideas down and as a way to do some form of low impact writing. I always liked “Forward Observer” column in Miniature Wargames magazine. Very much a grab bag style column.

    As for family gaming, sports have started up for us too. That will curtail gaming some for us as well. Summer is nearly at an end so I should be able to get a good bit of painting done by the end of the year. Summer is usually a bad time to paint for me.

  5. Hello John,

    When/if you get around to acquiring 2WW send me an email and we can organise playing it via VASSAL. I may have to dig out and use the paper copy as well, just because I have it! No rush.

    I do remember both in email and on the blog you lamenting about the heat and humidity in summer and how it affects your painting – I also remember – I think – that you managed to fix a varnish gone wrong issue with the old “spray gloss then matt again” trick. Hopefully i remember it did work, and that the figures were not ruined…

    And 10 minutes after I typed my previous comment yesterday, my daughter and I played Battlestations! Short report on my blog should be up sometime in the next week

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