Throw me a 6 Horse and Musket

I’ve been musing for a while now about how to bring TMA6 into the horse and musket era.  I’ll focus initially on the early part where linear tactics prevail and worry about the the Revolutionary and Napoleonic period later.

Moving should be pretty simple.  I think a simple formation system will be in order.  The only formations needed will be road column and line.  Perhaps 6″ in line, 9″ in column and 12″ in column if traveling the entire distance on a road.   Most of the other maneuver rules can remain the same.

Shooting was my bigger hangup.  How much is too much in terms of firepower?  I have to consider the two firing systems.  There is rank fire which, while relatively steady, can be cumbersome when the formation is taking fire.  The platoon fire system probably yields similar results when the formation is moving but should have an advantage when the formation is not moving.  In general, there is about a 4:3 relationship between a 3 rank and 4 rank formation.    I settled on a unit being able to fire with 3 dice which is about a 42% chance of causing at least 1 hit.  Platoon fire infantry that do not move may add 1 die to the total for about a 51% chance of causing at least 1 hit.  Each hit on the unit reduces it’s firepower and melee power by 1.  3 hits (3 stands lost) results in the unit routing.   Units should be represented by 5 stands.  4 will do but with 5, you can place the flag in the center which makes the unit look great!

Melee should be similar to the Ancients version.  The loser retreats a variable amount of inches while the attacker can pursue up to a half move.   Base melee power should be set at 3 as melee by this time is a combination of shooting and hand to hand fighting.  If an infantry unit chooses not to charge another unit, it may issue fire first.  A hit results in the opposing unit to halt short and it may then return fire.  2 hits breaks the attacker and the unit retreats in a similar fashion to melee.  The defender (winner) may not pursue if they win through firepower.

I have not thought about cavalry yet but being that they are mostly melee troops, there will be armored and unarmored heavy horse and light horse.  They should all function similar to the TMA6 ancients rules.

4 Responses to Throw me a 6 Horse and Musket

  1. What rules did we use in our Quatre Bras game awhile ago? They seemed to work pretty well. Weren’t they a variant of your d6 rules? (Sorry, brain is turning into tapioca…)


  2. acarhj says:

    Hey Chris,
    Those were Featherstone’s very own rules with some touches by me of course! That verifies that I am a typicl gamer. I can’t play anything without modifying it first! 😉 They do work well. I*’m just always tinkering. This set is pretty lite fare.

  3. Prufrock says:

    Nice idea, John. Is Throw Me a 6 the new name for your Ancients D6 rules, or is this a different set? I probably should know but can’t remember!


  4. acarhj says:

    New set, Aaron. Very low powered game mechanics. You can find them on the “Old School Page” on my blog bar. You could probably use DBA armies with 1 DBA element equaling 1 TMA6 unit.

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