Some things you just can’t ignore…

There is the latest in the summertime dust-ups at The Miniatures Page (TMP).  I’ve largely insulated myself from such events by not activating the TMP Talk and TMP Poll Suggestions.  I was blissfully unaware of this latest event until long time TMP’r Phil Dutre gave his fare-thee-well post on the site.   Mostly it is standard fare with the usual posts of support and regret of the person leaving and several who voiced their displeasure with TMP.  What is striking about this post is the number of deletions.  I doubt this was done by the posters themselves but seems to be a bit of censorship on the part of the editor.  I’ve read the thread before the deletions and can tell you that the posts in question were NOT offensive.  4 of the members are supporting members.  I find this action crosses the line, for me anyway.  To censor such benign posts simply because you don’t agree with them is both a pointless exercise and is simply wrong on many levels.  This revelation makes me wonder if I should continue being a supporting member.  I’ve been a TMP member since December of 2000.  I’ve been a supporting member since 2001.  While the site has had it’s ups and downs, it has provided a service in the past.  It has become more and more convoluted over the years.  There are too many boards and TMP tries to cover way too many subjects.    Far too much granularity in the subjects it is supposed to cover.

I will miss Phil, Weasel and others who have recently departed the forum.  I think the behavior on the Editors [art serves nobody well, himself and his business included.  Far too much drama.

I’ve had a Lead Adventures Forum account for a while now but have only posted a couple of times.  Seems to be a decent group of folks there.  I may try them on for size.

3 Responses to Some things you just can’t ignore…

  1. John,

    TMP has indeed become a mixed bag. I always tried to stau out the social media aspects of the site, but sometimes, things spill over to the few boards one is following. When I saw the editor starting his now infamous “British Wargamers” thread, thatw as the end for me. At some point one has to make the decision whether you still want to support a site that is so divisive.

  2. I understand. When I got back into gaming in 2009, TMP was the only place I went. And I made a few of long distance friends through it – such as you 🙂

    For the last few of years, I have definitely relied less and less on TMP and find I barely spend much time there compared to other forums or blogs.. Even though i stay away from anything but the wargamng topics, the dramas bleed over. Quite a few of the people that made it what is is have left and can understand easily why they left.

  3. acarhj says:

    Well fellas, I am on Wargamer’s Website now with a similar handle as TMP with “WhoAskedThisJoker” so you can find me there. I’ll still bounce back to TMP and probably Lead Adventures Forum (jacar) as well. I won’t have PM on TMP after 17 July.

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