A Close-up of the Units for Portable Wargame

Here is a close up shot of the Red units.  The blue units are identical only blue.

Back row: Grenadiers, Infantry, Light Infantry Front row: Artillery, Dragoons, Cavalry Center: General

There is no unit for light infantry or grenadiers in The Portable Wargame.  Dragoons fight like other light cavalry.

Light Infantry: SP 3, Range 2,  -1 in close combat in the open,  Must take the retreat option if available when fighting close combat in the open.

Grenadiers: Behaves like other Infantry units for movement and shooting.  Close combat at +1.

Cavalry get a +1 to hit in close combat.

I seem to be tweaking this game a lot.  The best part is that it is pretty hard to break when modifying the rules.

5 Responses to A Close-up of the Units for Portable Wargame

  1. Stephen O'Leary says:

    Are these really from the JG website? I couldn’t find anything half as good there. Can you remember which period and/or artist they came from. Have you heavily modified them?

    Many thanks


  2. acarhj says:

    Hi Tede,
    I used stuff from C. J. Fiorito. He did a lot of figures for Blenheim/Marlburian period. I used the infantry from here and recolored them as needed. http://juniorgeneral.org/index.php/figure/view/HanoverianInfantryWarofSpanishSuccessionBlenheim2

  3. Stephen O'Leary says:

    Oh, now those are good! JG is a fine site, but some of the figures look a bit weak nowadays.

  4. acarhj says:

    Agreed. It took me some time to find those and others…like the cavalry. But there are some fine figures on the site. You just have to dig!

  5. URKA Gamer says:

    Nice reviews. I want to ask something, because I didn’t understand (english is not my mother language) if the game is difficult or easy to change rules.

    Because I want to make my own version for Fantasy or Sci-Fy battles.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

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