sdkfz.10 final build…sort of

The last couple of days have not been idle.  I painted up a few figures and am currently working on the motorcycles by Zvezda.  Plastic Soldier company has a deal for 11 motorcycles for about $38.  It works out to $3.50 per machine.  Not bad.  They will be filling out the motorcycle units for the DAK forces.  Below are a couple of pics, not only of the first nearly completed cycle but also the detailed version of the sdkfz.10 card model I’ve been working on.

Front view.  Both need some paint touch up and perhaps a few more details on the motorcycles.

Front view. Both need some paint touch up and perhaps a few more details on the motorcycles.

The rear side view.  I think the half track came out pretty darned good!

The rear side view. I think the half track came out pretty darned good!

I am getting ready to design a CMP 15cwt truck.  There was a 1/87 scale version of the truck by Best Paper Models.  Their site was hacked a couple of years ago.  They’ve since entered an agreement with Betexa, another company who sells paper models.  Sadly, only 20 of their models have been uploaded so far and none of them are the CMP.  I’ve been waiting patiently for about 6 months.  The CMP does not look too difficult to design.  So…

This is about the cleanest blueprint I’ve seen to date.  I’m looking forward to this one.

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  1. I’m looking at your paper works, and I’m impressed, since you have some models that do not exist in other designers. Like usrted, I am trying to make the Kamfgruppe Peiper on paper and on the same scale (1/72). I am using the list of units of the RAPID FIRE regulation. One of the models is the sdkfz 10 AA which I do not have. I would like to ask you if you are so kind to share the patterns of this model.
    from now on I will be very grateful. Greetings and apologies for my clumsy use of the English language.

    P.S. Any model in 1/72 that you need do not hesitate to ask me are at your disposal.

  2. acarhj says:

    Hi Alejandro,
    First off, I apologize for the late reply. The last couple of weeks have been busy for me and I’ve not had much time to post, paint or build.

    Many of the models I have built are commercial products. I’ve only recently started designing my own….in the past year or so really. I plan on doing an AA version of the sdkfz.10 but will likely use the gun from the fpz.I from Der Kampflieger. I am happy to give you the template for the sdkfz.10. I will caution you that I simply drew in the interiors. I did not make them detailed. The main compartment of the vehicle is just a “box.” However, it would give you a solid starting point if you want to modify to add a detailed crew compartment.

    Also of note, I made the Horch which I believe I posted on my website, and a Kubelwagon with the roof up. The kubelwagon is not my design. It is made by a gentleman named “Rawen”. I resized it from 1:100 scale to 1:72 scale and recolored it for the desert. As it is free, I’d be happy to send that along. I am not comfortable posting it as I have not obtained permission from the original designer.

    I’ve seen your work. Quite lovely vehicles? Are all of those your designs? Of note, there is an sdkfz.7 (or is it an sdkfz.11?) which would be quite useful to schlep artillery about the field.

    Finally, I’ve recently found a 15cwt truck in the form of a Bedford WD. It is a 1935 model so is perfect for the Western Desert. I plan on doing a CMP as well but have not gotten to it yet.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. The half-tracks are: sdkfz 11, sdkfz 7 and sdkfz 9 “Famo”. The sdkfz 7 is from Papertigerarmaments (repainted by me), the others are my responsibility. I also have the sdkfz 251 “A”, “C” and “D” (I add photographs in my blog). If you want some I have versions with Afrika korps paint, also most of the panzer that served in Africa and some Italians too. Your sdkfz 10 model interests me (the lack of interiors is not a problem). My email is: Greetings and already thank you very much.

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