Happiness is building a plastic model…

…and having no extra parts.  This is a quick review of the Armourfast LEFH18 105mm German Howitzer.  The box comes with 2 sprues and enough figures and pieces to make two complete guns and crews.  At $22 this is not terribly cheap but with todays miniatures prices it is not bad either.  The model has few pieces but enough detail to keep a wargamer like me quite happy.  To build, you will need a hobby knife, sprue cutters, some plastic model cement and (optionally) a cutting surface.  Below is a completed model along side a single sprue and all of the tools used to complete it.  i still have to scrape the mold lines and, of course, paint it.

The completed model and tools used.

The completed model and tools used.

The build instructions are on the back of the box.  There is no text and the actual part locations are not numbered for order of assembly.  I recommend building the carriage and gun shield as one part and the gun mount and gun as a second part.  Finally add the upper gun shield to finish off the model.  The figures are multi-part as well.  This is not a problem as the arms are situated as a single piece and go on really well.  The commander is the only single part figure.

Finished models atop the instructions side of the box.

Finished models atop the instructions side of the box.

There is another plastic model of this gun by Zvezda.  It is somewhat cheaper at about $9 per model but it only comes with 2 crew.  If playing games that require a full representation crew for the gun, you would have to supplement those figures.  I am building these guns for Rapid Fire.  The number of figures required is 4.  So…Bonus!  I can highly recommend this kit for ease of build and versatility.

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