Throw me a ‘6’ QRS now available!

I’ve added yet another page to the rules.  By request, there is now a QRS/Summary Sheet on the last page of the rule book.  Yes!  That’s right folks!  Rules bloat!  6 pages of text!  Enjoy!

One Response to Throw me a ‘6’ QRS now available!

  1. Many (too many) long years ago the local group played Fred Vietmeyer’s “Column, Line, and Square” Napoleonics rules, an all-time supremely bilious effort. They, too, began as a 5-page rule set, but every time someone raised a question about how to resolve something, Fred would add a page to take care of it. The last time I looked, that monstrosity had reached 132 page–and that was in the late 1970’s (I TOLD you it was a long time ago!)

    So buck up, you have at least 126 pages to go before “Throw Me a 6” attains that level of biliousity.

    Your informative pal,


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