DF-Like updated to 1.5

I finally got around to updating my Featherstone-Like rules.  I’ve changed the way melee is resolved.  Charging units now retreat if they took 25% casualties on the approach.  There is a morale table to resolve melees now.  The loser rolls and applies the result.  There is also an option to recall cavalry that failed a morale check with no move near an enemy.  The latest rules can be found here.

3 Responses to DF-Like updated to 1.5

  1. 4th Cuirassier says:

    This is a nice, neat reworking and I especially like that I can use units sized and based for the ATKM rules without alteration. Thanks for putting this out there.

  2. I like this! Seems bloody but should play to a conclusion in a reasonable amount of time.

  3. acarhj says:

    Thanks guys! The game CAN be bloody but is not so much so that it becomes a game of “Who gets the first shot in wins!” Also, please let me know if there are an omissions or inconsistencies. The last edition, especially in the melee rules has a major change in it.


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