Quatre Bras Allied Order of Battle

It’s been a couple of weeks.  I’ve been busy planning a birthday party for my daughter.  The skills I’ve honed in the hobby are being put to good use.  Several minecraft paper craft figures have been made for a custom Minecraft cake that I’ll be making tonight?  What does this have to do with the Allied order of battle?  Not much except it explains why no pictures have materialized and that I am just now getting to the issue at hand.

In order of appearance:

On the board:

2nd Division Perponcher

1st brigade 24 Figures green.  Dutch Jager regiment 12 figures regulars

2nd brigade 2 regiments each of 24 figures regulars (This brigade was the size of a division!)

Cavalry brigade Merlin 12 figures light

1 field artillery stand

5th division Picton

2 brigades of veteran infantry 24 figures each.

1 rifle regiment 12 figures veteran

1 Landwehr brigade green 24 figures

1 field artillery stand

Brunswick legion Duke of Brunswick

1 brigade of line infantry regulars 24 figures

2 regiments of light infantry 12 figures each regular

1 brigade of light cavalry 12 figures regular

1 field artillery stand

3rd division Alten

2 brigades of infantry regular (Hannover and English) 24 figures each

1 regiment of rifles 12 figures regular

1 field artillery stand

Guards division Cooke

2 brigades of guards veteran grenadiers 24 figures each

1 field artillery stand

I’ve made a few shifts from the real order of battle.  The jagers in the 3rd division and the Brunswick advant guarde both had some rifles.  I’ve chosen to shift them to the jagers (KGL) for balance purposes.  I don’t want the allies to have a preponderance of rifle regiments at the outset of the battle.


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