Pennies From Heaven!

I’ve been on the lookout from some modular tables to make a 6X4 folding terrain table set.  I saw some such tables at BJ’s Wholesale club.  They were about $40 each.  I decided to “think about it” and did not purchase them.  When I finally resolved to take the plunge, when i went back, they were all sold out.  Every last one of them.  They did have 30″X6′ but that was not as useful for everyday use.  While searching online, Amazon sent me an e-mail showing a 2’X4′ adjustable height table.  Also while looking, there was a note on the screen saying that my Citi rewards points could be used.  $140 is a lot for tables, even with the free shipping.  So I linked my card to see what I had.  As it turns out I had enough points for $148 worth of credit.  So, I shall have my free tables in 2 days!  I guess the old saying is really true that  “Good things come to those who wait.”  At least in this case it works.

2 Responses to Pennies From Heaven!

  1. Prufrock says:

    Good score! “All’s well that ends well” also comes to mind…

  2. acarhj says:

    Maybe a sign that I am living right? 😀

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