Quatre Bras French Order of Battle

It is getting pretty close to the 16th of June.  I should probably get my order of battles down in writing.  I’ll start here with the French.

5th Division Foy 2 Line brigades each of 24 figures 1 light regiment of 12 figures

6th Division Jerome 2 line brigades each of 24 figures 3 light regiments each of 12 figures

9th Division Bachleu 2 line brigades each of 24 figures

Cavalry Division Pire 1 lancer brigade 1 chasseurs brigade

1 heavy battery 1 field battery 1 horse battery

Cavalry Division Kellerman 1 currasier brigade 1 dragoon brigade

CinC Marshal Ney  2nd in command Marshal Reille

The units are not strict 1 for 1 matches with the actual battle in terms of numbers.  Line units, for instance, represent about 2000 men though some will represent slightly more or less.  The artillery was a bit tricky for the French as each stand represents 2 actual batteries.  Since they had 3 field batteries, 1 heavy battery and  1 horse battery it was somewhat difficult to assign numbers to each unit but we must consider that the French had some of the best gunners in the world at the time.  So giving them 1 battery of each, if nothing else, the number of guns represented (48) are close in number  that actually fought in the battle (46).

I’ve had no time to setup and take photos of my troops.  As for progress, I am finishing up the last unit of Brunswickers.  I only have 2 units of British guards to paint for the infantry.  Then it is 5 stands of Allied artillery, a few allied generals and 2 French generals.

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