Sometimes it’s good to be a pack rat!

I’m moving along quite well with my Quatre Bras project.  I’ve made some adjustments to the Brunswick AAR.  The final tally for them should be 1 Line Brigade, 2 Light Regiments, 1 Light Cavalry Brigade and 1 artillery battery.  This cuts down on my painting a bit and I don’t have to paint any drummers!  The command figure is a Hussar waving his saber complete with shako and tall plume…the uniform of the Duke of Brunswick.

Speaking of commanders, I was stumped as to what figure I would use for the Prince of Orange.  It seems that “Slender Billy” had a hybrid uniform.  He wore a Dutch Hussars uniform with a dolman and a bicorne common to most generals and marshals of the time – a head swap I suppose would do.  While rummaging through my bag of Old Glory French command looking for a couple of suitable figures for Reille and Foy (generic generals really), I came across a figure with a bicorne and a dolman slunk across his shoulder.  He even has stripes sculpted on the side of his pants.  Billy!  I’ve found you!

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