Variable Movement in TMA6

Some folks like at least a little friction in there games.  Friction provides some uncertainty to the gamer so that he or she is unable to make the perfect move.  Essentially, their troops will not do exactly as they wish.  Taking an idea from the Black Powder series of games, we can add variable movement rules.  Rather than have commanders with command ratings, we will just allow a unit to move a variable amount of inches.  The kicker is that the player must declare the intent of the move before the dice are rolled.  If he says he wishes to charge an enemy but then rolls a number that does not allow his unit to make contact, he is still obligated to move the unit as far as possible.

In the basic game, units move 6,8,10 and 12″ for heavy infantry, loose order infantry etc, heavy cavalry and light cavalry respectively.  We can gauge these move distances based on the roll of several D6 taking the averages to come up with similar distances.

  • Heavy Infantry 2D6-1
  • Light Infantry, Warbands, Peltasts, Elephants etc 2D6+1
  • Heavy Cavalry, Light Chariots 3D6
  • Light Cavalry 3D6+2

To this we can add group movement.  Up to 3 units in line and within 2″ of the next unit in the group may move as one unit.  One toss of the dice based on the slowest unit determines how far the group moves.  Group moves can only be straight ahead.

2 Responses to Variable Movement in TMA6

  1. Alex says:

    John, toying with the exact same movement method for Neil Thomas’ “One – Hour Wargames” in a future post. I am also planning to do a playtest of your “Ancients D6” in the next few weeks – Christmas is a wild card with timing – and will appreciate your commentary for the review if you are interested. Just let me know. My Blog for this would be “Spear to the Strife” at:

    Basically, I’m playtesting several of the “fast-play” type of sets, and will include yours.

    Cheers! Alex

  2. acarhj says:

    Hi Alex, I’d be happy to drop by when you get the game going. I’ve been by already to check out your progress with One Hour Wargames but gave up when my kids were screaming and carrying on. 😀 I’m going to figure out how to do some following so I can keep up with all these blogs I find interesting. Yours has piqued my interest. John

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