The Fighting Uruk-Hai

I did a bit of photography today.   The second of the two major players is Saruman’s Uruk-Hai troops.  These are by Dark Alliance.  The box comes with 45 figures in 5 sprues.  There is a small issue with this setup.  Each sprue has a musician and a standard bearer.  This is not all bad however.  The standard bearer can be converted to a spearman by clipping away the standard and adding a spear of course.  as well, the extras can be used with Rebel Minis Bag o’ Orcs which have no musicians or standard bearers.

Uruk Hai (Front)

This is the 9 figures that come with 1 sprue of Uruk-Hai. There are several figures with shields, 1 that is shouting a battle cry, 1 with a standard and 1 drummer.

Uruk-Hai (side)

A side view of the figures.

Uruk-Hai (rear)

The one view you will rarely see from these guys on the battlefield.

Uruk-Hai regiment

The regiment deployed. 20 figures in all.


The skin of the figures was painted with GW Dark Flesh over a black base coat and highlighted with Vermin Brown.  The armor is Bolt Gun Metal dry brushed over black.  Boots and other leather bits are Snake Bite Leather with Chestnut ink washed over the brown.  The figures are made of medium consistency plastic.  they come with almost no flash but like all plastic figures, the mold lines have to be reduced.  I used a sharp blade to scrape the lines.  Several of the figures are very reminiscent of the LotR Uruk-Hai from the movie.  There is one figure in particular that holds the irregular rectangular shield on his left hand and several have the broad flat blades.

The figures cost $14.95 for a box of 45.  That means each figure is about 33 cents each.  When combined with the rebel minis Bag 0′ Orcs you can build my Mordor regiment (20) for about $17.50.  You can also build 2 regiments (18 each) for $6 each or a total of about $12.  So 3 regiments total would cost $29.50 for 56 figures.  Not bad at all.

Tracking down the manufacturer’s website is a problem.  They are for sale at Hobby Bunker.

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