Mordor Orcs (So I changed it up a bit!)

Last time I said I’d do the Goblins of the Misty Mountains.  Frankly though, it is easier to do the Mordor Orcs.  Fewer pictures and all.  Plus, the next instalment will be along really soon.  I promise! So here we go.  These Orcs are by rebel Minis.  They are the Bag o’ Orcs line.  originally, they were to be part of an extensive line of 20mm miniatures.  Probably, they were made with the budget conscious gamer in mind.  The orcs retail for $12.50 for a bag of 16 which puts them at about 78 cents each.  The sculpts are very good for their size and they come with very little flash or mold lines.

Mordor Orcs Front

This group comes with 16 Orcs in 8 different poses. There is one pose that there is only a single pose and another that is tripled.

Mordor Orcs (Side)

Side view of the same figures.

Mordor Orcs (Rear)

Rear View of the Orcs of Mordor.

Mordor Regiment

Regimental view. I goofed up the photo. I should have snapped it higher up so you could see the back three ranks.


4 of the figures in the front are from the Dark Alliance Orc Set 1.  These are perfect for both Mordor Orcs and Uruk Hai.  I painted all figures as I did with the Goblins.  Using older GW paints I painted the skin bubonic brown over black undercoat.  I washed them with snake bite leather.  The armor is dry-brushed bolt gun metal over black.    Leather bits are snake bite leather and chestnut ink.  The Dark Alliance figures were added for a command element.  They are inexpensive figures but are really nice for the price.  more on these figures in my next installment.  The Uruk-Hai.

Figures by rebel Minis: Bag o’ Orcs

Quick comparison.  The Orcs themselves are metal and cost about 78 cents each.  Other companies make 28mm Orcs that start at $2 per figure and go up to $4 or even $5 per figure.  So these are not so cheap, BUT they are not $5 per figure either!

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