They like me! They really like me!

The prestigious Leibster award!

The prestigious Leibster award!

Dan Mersey has nominated me for a Leibster award.  I think it basically means that he is telling the community that this blog is worth reading.  It is a great way to promote the hobby.  Now I need to return the favor by nominating 5 blogs that I enjoy.  The problem here is that most of the blogs I read are already nominated.  So, I will be breaking the rules and nominating the ones I deem worthy whether they’ve been nominated or not!

First up is Here is no Great Matter.  This blog has a little of everything and a lot of Lost Battles, including some informative replays of the game.

Next we have Dale’s Wooden Warriors.  This was started as another alternative to the Wargaming on a Budget project.  I posted my armies some time ago for a game Matt Kirkhart and I ran at Cold Wars in March 2012.  The figures are extremely nice and very creative.

Up next is Men in Boxes.  Among other gaming aspects, this is a 1/72 scale soldier site.  Some interesting articles here including some warbands for Song of Arthur and Merlin.

I can’t forget Shaun’s Wargaming with Miniatures blog.  This site has many, many reviews using Ancients Wargaming rules set but with a spin.  He wants to game in a 2X2 board and finish the game in about an hour.  Some interesting ideas to “miniaturize” some otherwise hefty rules sets.

Finally, there is The 1/72 Scale Multiverse.  This site has been extremely useful to me on my quest to find 1/72 scale fantasy figures to use in my Lord of the Rings project.

As an honorable mention, check out Dan Mersey’s blog.  Lots of information about books Dan has published including some helpful tips about his excellent game Dux Bellorum.

So, sorry for the retreads but, the blogs I usually read are already nominated.  I guess I have good taste!

One Response to They like me! They really like me!

  1. Shaun Travers says:

    Thanks for the nomination John. Do not feel bad about breaking the rule s- I did the same as you and nominated those that had nominated me!

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