A word about scale

The rules I am designing can be played with two different levels.  At the skirmish level, small bands of troops represent 1 man per figure.  A “squad” might be about 10 men.  It would still be very much a unit style game.  Men rarely ran off on their own and operated independently.  Never the less, when a figure is removed at this level, one man is a casualty.

At higher levels, 1 man represents a number of men.  For my black powder era game, I would want battalions to be about 12-16 figures.  If a small battalion were about 500 men then my rough scale would be 1 figure represents 40 men.  Usually at this level, a cannon represents a number of guns.    For example, at this level 1 gun would be a battery of perhaps 6-8 guns.  Officers still represent 1 man plus a number of minor officers and men.

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