AD6 Going Forward and a New Project

I’ve done all I can with AD6.  I still enjoy the game and probably will for many years.  With the exception of a few new army lists still to do, I think the final form is about as good as it gets.  So I hope that everyone who is still playing the game enjoys version 3 of the rules.

That said, I am going to embark on a new project.  This will come in the form of a simple series of old school style figure removal games.  My kids are getting close to the age where gaming is a possibility.  The old school games have a certain appeal to me and lets face it, many of the modern game mechanics from popular games such as Warhammer, Clash of Empires and War and Conquest all hearken back to the rules first written by Tony Bath and Donald Featherstone.

The plan is a simple one.  I will make several period specific sets of rules that will use simple game mechanics for parents and kids alike to enjoy the hobby with.  I’ll be posting from time to time my design notes and thoughts on the games as they develop.  For some of the periods, I will make two sets.  One set will cover skirmish style gaming and the other will cover massed combat.

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