Craftee Test Game

Here are some photos of the test game we played over the weekend.  Matt setup the venue at Games and Stuff in Glenn Burnie this past Sunday (Feb 26th). I didn’t take any notes but the photos are in chronological order.

At the start of the game, Matt (in orange) explains the rules to Bob.

An early shot from the Roman side.

Early stage cavalry battle on the Roman left.

A shot from the Punic side. The heavy lines are held back.

The battle heats up and the lines close.

A view of the Numidian cavalry fight on the Roman right. Taken from the Roman side.

Some of the heavy infantry are finally starting to engage on the Punic side.

The cavalry fight on the Roman left is still not decided. Most of the stands you see in the for ground and distance are casualties on the side board.

The Roman allies drive off the Numidians on the Punic side.

The center turns into a blood bath. The Celtic Mercenaries do particularly well. It is only the Roman line relief that keeps Rome in the battle.

The Punic heavy cavalry drive off the Roman cavalry on the left. However, they are spent as well. The Punic army morale started to fail at this point and within 2 turns, the Punic cavalry would withdraw without any further action.

The Citizen infantry do little better than there historical counterparts. While trying to rally some Citizens it is here that Hannibal falls in battle.

Another shot of the fighting. The Veterans have joined in.

The battle would turn heavily in the Roman favor. However, the Roman morale started to break late in the battle and the battle swung back the other way. To little too late. Roman Narrow victory.

One Response to Craftee Test Game

  1. Aaron says:

    Fantastic, John! Those Craftees are superb!

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