Raphia Lite DBA 3.0

For this game I bent the rules a bit.  There is no terrain on this board.  I wanted to see how maneuver worked in the new rules.  I pitted Ptolomy against Antiochus the Great (Seleucid).  Note:  I made a glaring mistake due to laziness.  Both knights on the left side of the board should have been dead by turn 3.  I did not look up the outcome.  El Qk Kn.  Oh well.  All things remained relatively equal.  Here are the armies.


1xKn Gen 1xKn 1xLh 6xPk 1xAx 1xEl 1xPs


1xKn Gen 1xKn 4xPk 2xAx 1xWb 1xEl 2xPs

This was the how the armies looked at the start of the game.  Seleucid is on top.

Ptolomy was the attacker so Antiochus setup and moved first.

The Seleucids advanced with the main phalanx and their right formation.   The Ptolomies countered by charging head long into Antiochus formation and covered it with their own main phalanx.

Seleucids advance. Ptolomies counter by charging. Note the right formation turns in to close the gap in the center.

Ptolomy rolls low for pips but needs to close the gap on his right with a Pk unit.  The Kn on his left is too far away to command so he can’t throw them at the oncoming Ps.

Antiochus uses his few pips to try and solidify his right.

Ptolomy pushes hard across his left and center but the initial attack is driven back.

Ptolomy presses his advantage but has lack-luster results.

The Seleucids push back but are also thrown back.  Bad dice rolling causes locks or pushes across the front.  Again, Antiochus does not have the pips to move his knights.

Antiochus attempts his own attack. Also repulsed.

The Ptolomies redouble their efforts, this time with great success on the right.  Two Seleucid units are shattered.

Ptolomy breaks the left of Antiochus.

Antiochus is now playing for time.  A decent amount of pips allows him to finally move his Kn from his left and attack the Ps supported by the Lh.  However, his Kn is repulsed.

Pushing across the board. Antiochus' Kn is driven back.

The end comes with a final attack eliminating a Ax and driving the Seleucids to the breaking point.  Final score is 4-0.

Ptolomy breaks the last unit thus ending the game.

At no time did I think the movement rates were too fast.  Covering the flanks with ZoC (Now called TZ!) is the same as in 2.2.  The only difference is that movement into or out of a TZ now is a bit more liberal.  You can choose who you want to contact if you are in two for instance.  The speeds are fast but not overly so.  You now get the feeling that you can order your troops to do something and they get it done at that moment.  None of this plodding across the field hoping you get a good pip roll next turn so you can continue the attack.  I am certain there will be a few more tweaks but so far as I can tell, the game works pretty well and Phil definitely improved on 2.2.

There is some talk that Kn are now too powerful.  Well…next up is Normans vs Vikings.  We shall see about this!


3 Responses to Raphia Lite DBA 3.0

  1. Snowcat says:

    The Vikings will be speed humps for the Norman knights. 🙂


  2. Dale Hurtt says:

    What happened to the Selucid Companions is what I always start with as few groups as possible during deployment. Had they been attached to the battle line they would have been dragged along until you got the “PIP burst”.

    What program are you using? Cyberboard or Vassal?

  3. acarhj says:

    The games are done in Vassal. I have not tinkered with Cyberboard.

    As for the groupings, I wanted to deploy so that there would be room for maneuver. This was mainly to test out the higher speeds of the game. So far it has been very promising.

    BTW, in case anybody didn’t notice, there is a new version in the DBA Yahoo Group. (Feb 2)

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