Polybian vs Gallic DBA 3.0

This battle happen by accident.  I wanted to play Marian Roman vs Gallic but had a brain cramp at the critical moment and deployed Polybian Romans instead.  The line up was as follows:

Polybian Rome

1xCv Gen 1xCv 6xBd 2xSp 2xPs


1xWb Gen 2xCv 8xWb 1xPs

The game went sideto side this time. Rome was the attacker so the Gallic army setup first and moved first.

The Gallic army advanced across the board in 1 line.  The Romans responded by holding position and extending the Triari to cover their left against a possible flank attack.  The Gallic army inched closer but still did not commit on their next bound.  The Romans felt that they were better off attacking rather than sitting back because waiting might give the Gallic army time to maneuver into a better position. They had a chance to get a cheap kill and pin the Gallic army so this is what they did.

Rome advanced to hit the lone Ps and hoped to get a cheap kill. Note that the Gallic Ps will conform to the contacting group. They opted to move toward their own line to seal off the flank.

Combat had the Ps get recoiled.  Here is where luck turned on the Roman army.  The Gallic army advanced forward in hopes of the quick-kill on the blades.  The following result was completely unexpected.

The gallic line surged forward killing both cavalry including the Roman general. They lost 1 Wb in return against the blades. Score 3-1.

To add insult to injury, the Roman army received only 1 pip for their next bound.  There was an exchange of kills  and the game ended 4-2.

The Gallic army lost 1 Wb in the center while the Roman army lost 1 Bd to a Qk and the game ended there.

I think I did something wrong.  I am used to 2.2 where Wb pursue everything.  Now they only pursue foot.  Minor error.  I very much like things so far.  The fast speeds have shown that armies get into it quickly and there has been a minimum of flanking.  I will say that this particular scenario is not a true test as any Barbarian army is going to line up and charge.

A quick note about the Roman strategy.  I doubled up the blades just in case the Wb units got lucky.  They would have to advance and then would be in big trouble.  I did not anticipate them getting more than 1 kill this way anyway.

Up next: Gallic vs Marian Romans.  This time I mean it!  It’s already played.  I just have to write the report.


One Response to Polybian vs Gallic DBA 3.0

  1. PatG says:

    Nice to see the Romans getting a proper thrashing. 😉

    Good report

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