Marian Roman vs Gallic army…and this time I mean it!

For this fight I used the same setup as before.  In fact, Gaul had a winning setup so why change right?  The Romans pretty much copied their Polybian counterparts but with some noteable differences.  The Marians get a single Ax and single Ps to deal with the Gallic Ps.  Here is the line-up.

Marian Romans

1xCv Gen 1xCv 8xBd 1xAx 1xPs

Gallic you already know it but I will post it again.

1xWb Gen 2xCv 8xWb 1xPs

The setup is below.  The objectives seem to be the same.  Note, I forgot to place the camps!  Oh well.  It’s not like there will be enough time to storm them anyway!

At the start. Note the lesser amount of reserve Bd. They also form a separate battle.

The game started in a similar fashion though the Romans had no Triari to expand.  It would be a matter of luck and well, that’s about it. The situation after 2 bounds can be seen below.  The Romans are going for a cheap kill and are hoping for some good luck on their right.  The Gauls…well you know what they want!

Gallic warband makes a general advance. Roman Ax and Ps take off like a shot. The main line edges forward.

The Gallic line continues forward knowing well that they may end up on the short end of the stick.  The Roman line surges forward and inflicts a casualty but only locks up with the Ps on the right.  The Gallic Wbs manage a casualty on their own breaking through on their right.  Note: I forgot to move the reserves up!

The Roman line slams into the Gallic line. The situations after 2 more bounds. The Roman cavalry is making limited progress.

Finally, the Romans get the upper hand.  And inflict another casualty.  The Gallic army gets only 2 pips.  Not enough to react everywhere.  After an indecisive turn the Romans flank 2 units and end the game with 3 kills this turn.

The situation at the end of the game. The Gallic army managed one more kill but it was too little too late. The game ended 5-2.

This was largely a reverse of the Polybian game.  The Gallic army maybe should have matched the Roman line but that certainly would have cost them somewhere with the lowered combat factors from lack of support.  As demonstrated, a break through works both ways.    Reserves of some sort are very important.

This does show that blade heavy armies can still hold up to the Barbarian Horde.  The two games also showed that luck is still an important factor.  I think the outcomes were reasonable.  The movement system is still my main concern.  My next battle will pit Ptolomy vs Antiochus on a flat plain.  Call it the battle of mini-Raphia.  This should have some greater maneuvering.


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